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"Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames"

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  • Once a quotation has been accepted, a 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking.  The outstanding amount is payable  after completion of the performance.


  • It is advantageous to supply as much information as possible about the event in order for us to provide you with an individually  tailored  performance.

  • Fire Performances are mainly held outdoors. but depending on the venue certain fire props can be used inside.  An area of 3x5m on average is a good safe area. Our fire props comprise of orbs, palm torches, staffs, fans, umbrellas, poi, snakes and more.

  • LED performances are great for indoors, but we do recommend for it to be as dark as possible for maximum effect. Isis Wings, Pixel Whips, LED Poi & Hoops, fans, Staffs and more.

  • Pixel poi are programmable props that can be used to upload any image or phrase and is perfect for displaying the company logo as a "dancing gobo".

  • Belly Dance performances are done with different props such as veils, fans, Isis Wings plus LED & Fire props can  also be used.

  • Pole Dance acts make use of portable podium poles. These are free standing 3m high poles, supported by a large and heavy base that will require a strong, flat surface of at least 3m length and 3m width. For 2 poles we would need a floor space of at least 6m length and 3m width. Unfortunately we would not be able to cater for any ceiling heights less than 2.5m.


  • Depending on the type of event, availability and the client‘s needs,  our performances are done to either live drumming or our own premixed music. We provide the music but will need a system and power. He have different music for different themes. Drummers will be extra.


  • Performances  vary in duration depending on the amount of performers, and service booked.


  • Contact us well in advance for a quotation.

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