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"Now is the Time to touch your Power; for its Heat & Flame will ignite your passion"

How it all started.....

I discovered firespinning during my travels to Australia in 1998. It was at a Backpackers Hostel in a little town called Katoomba, in the Blue Mountain Ranges, near Sydney. I will never forget the first time I encountered firespinning! In the back garden of the hostel was a small paved area where a man and a woman were getting ready for a performance of a kind. The man was 1st and I stood staring in awe as he started to swing balls of fire around him to the beat of a Pink Floyd song. But it was as I watched the woman, beautifully dancing and weaving circles of flames, that I, instinctively felt that “This is me.” The feeling was one of finally finding a missing piece of me, something that expresses who I am.



I returned to Namibia in 1999 and came to live at our beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund. I immediately started sharing the poi spinning with my closest friends and whoever wanted to learn. It was in 2001 that I got my 1st official booking for a corporate function with Abenteuer Afrika Safari in the dunes in Swakop.  I have been performing for the past 14 years, primarily at the coast focusing mainly on corporate events. Over the years I have trained plenty of people and they have also performed with me. I feel truly blessed to have had so many bookings and to be able to perform in the desert is an extra bonus for me!


My highlight came in 2005 when I was fortunate to be invited to give performances for Brad and Angelina during their stay here. At the end of the 1st show Angelina wanted to know if there was any place in Swakopmund where she could learn this art form.  I was of course more than willing to teach her.



This was indeed a beautiful art form incorporating movement and the element of  fire in an entrancing dance of  flames.


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